Our service is for all who wield the pen (or keyboard). Like the tax lawyer commercials, we think you already have enough on your plate. You have to brainstorm ideas, research, and bang out mangled drafts. Let us help you clean them up and make you shine.

No more suffering!


Brain meld.

Do your writing skills magically improve while you sleep? Or do they require guidance like every other worthwhile pursuit? Becoming a master of your own words involves an ancient secret that only wise people know remains cleverly hidden in plain sight. It's called editing. 

Me? Try a new plan?

Our service provides an intersection in space and time where smart writers learn to collaborate and interact with a professional editor, many for the first time. Meanwhile, all the other writers continue to make the same mistakes over and over, and over and over.

A totally electronic editing service for writers of all skill levels and education. Our part: Flow. Format (e.g., APA, Turabian). Grammar. Logic. Organization. Polish. Punctuation. Spelling. Syntax. Your part: Interact. Learn. Succeed.