"Dr. Hrebik provided editorial help formatting my DMin project before its final submission. I am certain that the work that took him a mere three hours to complete would have taken me weeks and would have resulted in numerous submissions and revisions before the project could be printed and bound. As a full time husband, daddy, and pastor, his help was much appreciated and proved to be timely and efficient. I could not be more pleased and wholeheartedly recommend utilizing his services without reservation." 
Matt Richard, DMin, Gatesville, TX

"Kevin was somebody I could always confide in whenever I had important papers to write. I knew when I sent my papers to him they would be in good hands, and I would get them back in short order. I was so pleased with his service, I reached out to him again when I decided to write a book. I highly recommend his editing services!"

George Creamer, DMin, Houston, TX

"Kevin has been a pleasure to work with. He did a thorough job editing and formatting my Doctor of Ministry thesis, and he was reasonably priced. I look forward to working with him again."

Cary Killough, DMin, Waco, TX

Sr. Pastor, Meadowbrook Baptist Church

"When looking for an editor look no further than Kevin Hrebik! Writing an academic paper for a doctoral program is not for cowards. Not only must one write for content but with grammatical style and format such as Turabian. Kevin helps one to ease through the process. The editorial reports Kevin gives with each edit are second to none. The colors, notes, and advice he gives help to simply a complex process. In a nutshell, Kevin pays attention to all the minutia so you can pay attention to writing. You not longer need to shop around; stop what you are doing and email Kevin. Kevin took care of me and he will do the same for you." 

Mike Clements, DMin, Floresville, TX

Pastor, First Baptist Church

"Dr. Hrebik, thank you for working closely with me as an editor to complete my doctoral thesis. You bailed me out. I am looking forward to working with you as my editor for my future books."

Troy Williams Sr., DMin, Houston, TX

Mosaic Church Redemption Houses

"The Paper Whisperer is timely, professional, on point, and completely reliable!"

Marjorie Hamilton-Scott, DMin,

McKinney, TX

"Kevin is highly professional, very detail oriented, and a pleasure to work with. He knows his stuff!"

Jim Herrington, DMin, Houston, TX Faithwalking.com

"Dr. Hrebik is a person of impeccable integrity. His work not only demonstrated a high level of professionalism, but also his suggestions were enlightening and encouraging. I consider him a friend and an excellent resource."
Hurley Clayton, PhD, Beaumont, TX

"Kevin made sure that my Doctor of Ministry project met the standards of the institution. His timely feedback and attention to detail calmed my nerves during that challenging and stressful time."

Walter Gibson, DMin, Lansing, MI

“Kevin is a professional editor who outstandingly transforms writings into well-written documents, particularly, post graduate required documents such as theses, dissertations, and projects. He works fast, and keeps the author informed of all changes necessary to make the document superb and acceptable. I will not hesitate to ask Kevin to edit my future writings.”
Anibal Cruz Baez, DMin, St. Croix, V.I.
“Kevin possesses a special gift of critiquing and editing the content of a paper without rewriting the writer’s words [thoughts]. His editing rendered invaluable criticism and suggestions generating an exemplary final product. The service he provides is perfect, punctual, and professional.”
Elaine Caldwell, MDiv, Houston, TX
“When I was working on my thesis paper, Kevin was there and he helped me tremendously. He is efficient and very thorough with what he does, not to mention cost-effective for the struggling student. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs guidance and assistance in writing. Thanks, Kev!"
Jocelyn Y. Jones, MAC, LCDC, Houston, TX
“Kevin was highly recommended to me when I became a DMin student. Upon securing his services, I found him to be highly efficient and effective as an editor, whisperer, and magician at times, to say the least. As a busy professional, pastor, and community leader, I truly appreciate his punctual responses. Kevin’s work is first rate and I highly recommend his services to others who are serious about graduating.”
Lionel G. Hayes, Jr., DMin, Orange, TX

"Attention grad students! When it comes time to get your thesis formatted and edited—I highly recommend my friend, Kevin Hrebik."
Steve Stutz, DMin, La Porte, TX

"Of all the editors I have had, Kevin is the
finest. He is a professional editor whose keen eye for grammatical structures
and sentence cohesiveness helps me communicate effectively and professionally. I am deeply satisfied with what he has done for me and I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin to anyone who wishes to benefit from his professionalism and years of proofreading experience."

Vien Nguyen, SCJ, DMin, Chicago, IL

A few more satisfied clients

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"The final stages of proofreading and formatting a DMin project can be overwhelming. It was a pleasure to pass off the tedious work to Kevin, knowing that he would make sure not a single Ibid. appeared in the wrong place. His prices are affordable and his feedback is prompt and insightful."

Becky Jackson, DMin

Minister of Music, Corpus Christi, TX

"Dr. Hrebik is a thoughtful and attentive editor.  He was also very engaged in my work and clearly read it while giving thoughtful points and suggestions. I would recommend him whether you are in college, graduate school or working on essays for publication."  

John Soden, PhD, Houston, TX

"Thank you for the great HGST Writer's Workshop. The information that you and your wife shared was far more then I had expected. It is always great to learn step by step the importance of writing correctly, grammar, and how writing has changed from how I was originally taught to write. We all need to know what you both taught. God bless you both."
Evon Boykins, MDiv,
Houston, TX
Boykins Youth Foundations

"Kevin is a professional editor who committed to bringing out the best in my work. He is efficient with his work and accommodating with tight schedules. He is reliable and will keep his commitments. It was a pleasure having Kevin on the journey to finishing the Doctor of Ministry. I recommend him to anyone without reservations."

Mark E. Towns, DMin, ​Jefferson City, MO Pastor, Memorial City Baptist Church

​Doctoral clients on graduation day at Baylor University / George W. Truett Theological Seminary in Waco, TX, May 12, 2017.

“I sent my doctoral project to Kevin for final editing late one afternoon and by mid-morning the next day he completed the editing process. I was stunned and delighted with the expedience of Kevin’s service, but it was his keen attention to detail and commitment to excellence that impressed me the most. I enthusiastically recommend him for all of your editing needs.”

Stephen Allen, DMin, Carrollton, GA

Sr. Pastor, Tabernacle Baptist Church

*Some degrees might be in process

"Kevin has been the consummate professional, with a keen eye for detail, and knowledge of style preferences in paper writing. His skill and dedication have helped my writing skills and improved my grade. If it were not for his strong dedication to helping students, I would not have completed my dissertation on time for graduation. Thank you so much Kevin."

Nina Bryant-Sanyika, DMin, ​CPE Supervisor, Houston Methodist Hospital

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​Doctoral clients on graduation day at Baylor University / George W. Truett Theological Seminary in Waco, TX, May 2018.

"Dr. Hrebik is a gifted editor who is in tune to the Spirit. He knows your writing strengths and weaknesses, but manages to help you accomplish the requirements for papers. He knows how to throw out the life line! You will be pleased!

Paula Payne, DMin, Houston, TX 

"The final culminating project was almost done and my word processing and editing skills were being pushed to the limits.  I faced the realization that I needed something like a Master’s degree from M.I.T. in Word Processing or I needed a good proofreader and editor who could put things together and help me get to the finish line.  I chose the latter and I’m so thankful to Kevin Hrebik for his professional and timely work.  I highly recommend him to you!"

Jamey Miller, DMin, Ft. Worth, TX

​Lead Pastor, Antioch Ft. Worth